Introducing No. 9 Designs


Ok i feel like an idiot doing this so let me explain...
I have found myself making a lot of
invitations,announcements etc lately
for friends and family and my
sis-in-law suggested I start an etsy shop.
I figured what the heck i'll give
it a shot-so here it is. It is very raw.
I only have 11 items posted so far and
I really don't know what i'm doing. Hopefully
I will get the hang of it soon:)
But I thought I would share it with you all now
since the items I do have posted are Christmas
Cards and Its that time of year:)
In the future I am planning on posting invitations and announcements of
all kinds as well as prints for nurseries, kids rooms,
the holidays etc.
Oh and by the way...Since the only people who read
this blog are close friends of mine, I would be
happy to email anything you want from the etsy shop
at no charge: Send me an email with your pictures and I
will gladly send it right back!
Just share the link to my shop with your other friends and fam!
Thanks guys! and Happy Holidays



We love Halloween at our house! Its the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and be goofy! We always get a big laugh out of it and look forward to parading around in our get-ups each year! Call us what you will but we had a great time!!


Happy Birthday Kenadee!!!

Wow Kenadee is 3 years old! It's so weird that my baby is not a baby anymore. She really isn't even a toddler anymore. She somehow has grown up and turned into a full blown kid!
Here is a snapshot of kenadee at 3yrs old:
she loves Books, Books, and more Books! Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, Anything by Don Freeman (she's old school;)and of course the classic fairy tales are at the top of her list! She is such an active little girl. She LOVES her dance and tumbling class, she literally runs laps around the couch/living room, and she has perfected the "running somersault" she wants to be a "painter" when she grows up. she has her moms sweet tooth and is a self proclaimed "chocoholic"! She wants to play basketball and golf just like her dad. Going to the course with her "own clubs" is paradise! She is sassy beyond belief. Stubborn is an understatement. she is an independent little soul who would be handicapped without her stool which goes everywhere with her and allows her to be "Big". She is an early bird (much to my dismay) She LOVES to sing. Her favorite song is Jingle Bells and we sing it every night at bed time all year long! She even sang it for the Dr. at her checkup:)She loves making pancakes and adding "secret ingredients". We would be lost without food coloring. She loves "going on for a walk" as she calls it. She hates dogs and wearing pants. She will only eat sandwiches if they are cut out in shapes. We have to buy everything in 3's so she can have one for herself and give one to her cousins Reese and Ally. She talks about her friend Emma daily and misses her when she isn't here.She is a grocery cart connoisseur. Apparently Macey's Grocery store has the best carts to ride in and the Dollar Store has the best carts to push. She would watch Clifford The Big Red Dog all day if her mom would let her. Like any little girl she loves princesses, dress ups, tea parties, coloring, and taking care of her babies. She claims to know Karate. She loves all things purple. Miniwheats are her favorite breakfast food. She finally now refers to herself as Kenadee or Kena instead of "Fred from Massachusetts" She is sweet and tenderhearted and honestly the best big sister a little brother could have! I love to watch her "take care" of Jace and talk to him in her " little kid voice" She is kind and giving and loves finding presents to give her family and friends. She loves to buy/make thank you cards and find reasons to give them to people. She is such a sweet little girl and we are so lucky to have her! She makes everyday an exciting and unpredictable adventure! We have loved the past three years watching her grow into this little person with her own quirks and ideas about everything! What a fun little girl!
We Love You Kenadee!
Happy Birthday !!

Kenadee's Birthday Party With Her Cousins Reese and Ally

The Tea Party at Vintage Cupcake!


Jace The Friendly Giant...

At five and a half months Jace is weighing in at 20 lbs and he couldn't be more smiley! I love fat and happy babies!! here are just a few more pics:)

I'm a loser baby....

Man. Jace is almost 6 months old and I haven't posted a single thing since he was born. I am out of excuses. Here a few pics of my bald little man (who happens to be the happiest, chubbiest, sweetest thing on the planet;))


My apologies...

Well I am 9 days away from my due date and couldn't be more anxious/frantic. I just can't seem to get everything done:) The nesting instinct is taking over my life and I find myself scrubbing walls, making lists, and updating the blog from a 5 month sabbatical! I am driving everyone around me crazy including myself!!! I am so sorry to all of you and promise I will try to find my regular, less-motivated self soon!
Until then, good luck!
The Evil Twin


Happy Easter! Kenadee had so much fun this year coloring eggs and especially hunting them! Its ALL she wanted to do! I finally put the eggs away around July. It was time. Its so fun to see her get so excited for holidays. It makes me think back to how excited I got as a kid and hope I can make them as fun for her as my mom did for me! Thanks Mom!